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Ege Atilgan Endustriyel Makina Ins. Tutun Ic ve Dis Ticaret A.S. was established in order to render service in relation with scissor lifts, platforms and ramps, and has become a significant destination to solve the problems in its field by means of the experience and knowledge for years. Our company has focused on works related with production and revision of scissor lifts, table-type lifts, ramps, scissor load platforms, disabled lifts, specially designed person and load lifting platforms and load elevators, CNC, NC and plasma machines in various sizes according to the required sensitiveness by extending the range of service and production in the course of time.
2014 as a family business. With its mission aiming to improve itself continuously and with its innovative vision, it has accomplished successful works. The company plans to continue its activities in the sectors in which it operates, without compromising its principles.
Net Mak. Metal Makine San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. is one of the rooted companies of our country with 55 years experience in industrial lifting equipments. Making dealership of its own brand of NETLIFT and well known brands of Europe, Net Mak. gives services with its management center which is located on 20.000 m2 operational area in Sakarya 2. Organized Industrial Zone of the province Istanbul, with 2 sales store which one is located on Umraniye district and the other one is located on Karakoy district and with its 300 sales and service points all over the country. Having thousands of products in handling, lifting, stacking, personal protective equipments, working at the high, freight safety, job safety areas; company also gives services with specific designed products in the direction of customer demands. Theoretical and practical educations on usage, maintenance and control of products, project, engineering, assembly, periodic maintenance, storage/logistic support operations are also services, given by our company. Net Mak. leads the success of NETLIFT in international platform with its tenderness on national and international legislation necessities and conformity of international quality standards, with its open minded policy on developments and innovations and with its management strategy for investors. NETLIFT goes ahead for being one of the well known and well accepted brand in the world with its successfull performance on exports in these industries, with thousands of references, having got in domestic and foreign markets.
YEKTAMAK Machine and Engineering establishing in 2013 has been rendering service to meet the special requirements of many sectors, notably automotive sector, in safe of our founding partners having academic background and almost 35 years experienced competent engineer and production staff by implementing tens of project since the establishment, although it is a young company in terms of its establishment date. YEKTAMAK has been implementing projects in required quality standards with attention in all processes from determining of customers’ requirement to delivery of project, such as design, endurance calculation, computer aided simulations, production, quality control and test. Until today YEKTAMAK has put many special projects into service, such as various special machine and system solutions, automatic control systems, conveyor and transportation systems, versatile production fixtures, various cranes and lifting systems. Our aim as YEKTAMAK is to let our customers to reach an advantageous position against their rivals in national and international market by basing on the principle “Focus on R&D and Innovation” in our services and meeting the increasing requirements of our customers with the developing technology.
Yarimkure / Hemisphere Co. is one of the leading companies in Turkey for the manufacturing, supply and distribution of pipeline construction equipment and accessories since 1990. We provide our products and services not only in Turkey but also in the Middle East, the Caucasus and Europe. Some of the products we provide are as follows: pipe bending machines, internal pneumatic pipe line-up clamps, external pipe clamps, roller cradles, lowering-in belts, lined-steel choker belts, casing spacers and end seals, pipeline air dryers, pipeline pigs, pipeline field joint coatings and hydrostatic test equipment. Yarimkure/Hemisphere Company is a manufacturing, supply, and services company in Turkey operating in the pipeline construction field since 1990. Our activities cover not only Turkey but also the Middle East, the Caucasus and Europe. Export sales account for nearly 30% of our total sales volume. Our main export markets are Iraq, Tunisia, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Germany and Italy. Our customers are pipeline contractors, oil and gas companies, pipeline operators, municipalities, gas distribution companies, industrial manufacturing plants, petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, water supply and sewerage administrations, and government agencies. We manufacture pipe bending machines, hydraulic bending mandrels, bending dies and sets, internal pneumatic pipe line-up clamps (IPLC) , external cage type pipe clamps, roller cradles, lowering-in belts, lined-steel choker belts, welding tractors, welding tents, welding blankets, pipe preheaters, plastic casing spacers, rubber casing end seals, pipeline pigs, hydrostatic test cabins and adsorption air dryers. In 2018, we accomplished our first export of IPLC and pipe bending machine. We exported 3 each 12" IPLC and a 6-24" pipe bending machine to Tunisia.
With its experience earned in 15 years in the sector, our company which has started to go into action, to present the dignity it gained to you, our invaluable clients, to progress into becoming one of the leading companies of the sector throughout the trust we won. To become the pioneer of the engineer knowledge in the sector, Wimac Crane & Engineering which uses it in the upmost efficient way from the project phase until the delivery, is constantly developing by the consistency of education. Having appealed to get the ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system certificate, still documentating its products with CE certificate. With its engineer and technical equip within its body, our company, is proceeding to the upmost levels by increasing its activities in the lifting equipment production, steel contsuction, consultancy in domestic and foreing markets through design, project and application.
“It is the dialect of the idea that makes up the movement of history.” (Hegel) As one of the manufacturers of high quality ‘’freight lift elevators’’ in Turkey in compliance with the European standards(CE), Bogazici Platform is in this sector for a long time and also makes different, unique products and solutions & As per the quality standards, it has moved on to carry out the latest development in technology. We would like to introduce ourselves as one who can fulfill your demands on the quality and feasibility of your orders and will ask you please to review our Web page at www.bogaziciplatform.com We can produce all capacities of Hydraulic and scissor-type lifts as we have been doing for almost twenty years and exporting our products to many countries. Our aim as Bogazici Platform is to reach the best transition method of substituting traditional methods with the possibilities of modern technology and to provide you a safe, high-quality product. As it directly concerns human life and his safety, It is impossible to accept mistakes in the lift and elevator sector, so we carry out all our assembly steps with zero-error and full performance check also Bogazici Platform never use poor quality materials in its machines. In case of prices policy, This is being ensured that we do offer the best reasonable prices in comparison of high quality and keeping schedules as being defined to our buyers. We normally send along our detailed drawings to ease the installation activities, but in case of large projects and demand for at-site assistance, we may forward our specialists to supervise the assembly and installations. Since there are many variable items which affect pricing (Such as different travel distances, numbers of landings, variable security precautions as including cabin, safety handrails, types of doors, types of display systems and ….. ) There is no fixed price list and we calculate the price for any Project separately. Also to cope with what exactly our customer wishes, we preferably base our prices on Ex-Work delivery at our workshop in Istanbul and leave the whole shipment items to the buyer but still it’s possible to prepare offers in any desired format.
We are the leading hydraulic equipment manufacturing company in Turkey and export our products lots of countries since 2009. Our product list, - Hydraulic sliding car recovery equipment, - Fixed type platform car recovery equipment, - Lift-away car recovery equipment with Crane, - Truck tail gate lift, - Double deck car carrier, - Truck Bodies, - Hydraulic equipments, loading ramp, sicossor loading platform, cargolift, aircraft service vehicle equipment, wheelchair lift, - Mobile Crane, working basket platform, - Ambulift, - Hydraulic equipment parts, - Hydraulic winch, Electrical winch, - Electric Car
KAGEM offers engineering and consulting services to industrial premises, factories and power plants since 2005 idifferent industries and sectors. Since 2011, KAGEM activities focus on development and application of environmental technologies, energy, and related industrial systems. KAGEM offer services with its experienced experts and strong background in industrial services and consulting. Main Field Of Activity Industrial Plants Offshore Structures Steel Structures Energy Systems Environmental Technologies Industrial Maintenance